Hi there! I’m Tehrene, a New York City-based writer, editor, social media manager, and digital content strategist.

I won’t tell you my life story, but I definitely wasn’t born a city girl. I grew up in Iowa in a town of 1,500 people, and it’s weird to say I now live in a city of millions. (8.5 million, to be exact.) Instead of spending my weekends catching frogs and/or running around the nearest Walmart for fun, I’m now living out my dream in a city that always seemed totally unreachable.

So, why exactly did I make the move to the Big Apple after college? I either wanted to become a dolphin trainer or a writer, and the writing part won. (It was a close call, by the way.)

After getting my start in the Hollywood-obsessed world of J-14 magazine then moving to Teen Vogue as the digital entertainment editor, I wanted to try my hand in another beat: wellness. During my time at Dr. Oz The Good Life, I built up the brand’s social media presence and wrote about everything from fitness tips to the latest food and beauty trends. Now, I’m a full-time freelancer. But since work can get a little boring, here are some other things you should know about me.

website-21. I have an adorable fluffy dog named Trixie.

2. I can probably beat you in Guitar Hero.

3. I once danced in the Nutcracker with the Minnesota Ballet.

4. I got my start in journalism in 6th grade thanks to my local newspaper.

5. I could live off of noodles, Chinese food, and tacos.

6. I love plants but most of the ones in my apartment are fake. (Aka impossible to kill.)

7. I once had a really great chat with Steve Carell about pie.

8. I want to adopt a cow someday. And maybe a couple pigs.

9. I could watch The Office and How I Met Your Mother over and over again.

10. The first website I ever made was all about dolphins, bubbly cursor trail and all.

Now that we’re basically best friends, feel free to get in touch.