5 Minutes with Sydney Tollett, AKA @syd_healthynfit

In the ‘5 Minutes’ series, you’ll meet the raddest health and fitness ladies on the internet. Get ready for a serious dose of inspiration from empowering women I admire around the globe.

Name: Sydney Tollett
Age: 18
City: Fayetteville, AR
Day Job: College, Majoring in Dietetics

What’s something people don’t know about you?

I’m organized in most areas of my life except for my room. It’s basically never clean, but somehow I always still manage to find everything I need.

What keeps you motivated on days you’re feeling blah?

I think what keeps me motivated when I can’t do it myself is the support I have around me. I know if I push through the off days, I’ll come out even stronger and more thankful for the lifestyle I’ve chosen.

Your go-to healthy snack obsession… and guilty pleasure.

Healthy Snack: Rice cake with peanut butter and apple slices with cinnamon.

Guilty Pleasure: If I have to just pick one… ice cream!

Most random thing in your gym bag.

Dry shampoo? I really don’t take much to the gym with me!

Your favorite and least favorite workout moves.

Favorite: Squats — for the bootayyyy duh.

Least Favorite: Pull-ups — my arms have always been the weakest part of my body so they’re really hard for me.

Tell me something (anything!) 100% honest.

I’ve had to overcome many eating habits/disorders to get to the healthy place I am today.

Most embarrassingly awesome workout jam on your playlist.

J Beibs, Love Yourself.  Or anything Fetty Wap.

Love Sydney as much as I do? Keep up with her here:

Instagram: @syd_healthynfit
Blog: syd-healthynfit.weebly.com
YouTube: syd_healthynfit 

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