This Embarrassing Workout Playlist Will Change Your Life


I have a confession: My workout playlist is absolutely hilarious, but it’s the most heart-pumping, sweat-inducing hour of music you’ll ever hear. After watching Night at the Roxbury for the first official time from start to finish (I know, it’s sad how long it took me), I realized something. Those ’90s dance jams made me want to get up off my butt and move around. No, I wasn’t immediately thinking “yay burpees!”, but I did know adding the magic of Haddaway into my life could be a game-changer.

So I did it — I made a playlist of the club bangers I remember dancing around to in my pink bedroom back in the day via my XL speaker system and 5-disc changer (gasp!). Then something incredible happened: I wasn’t just bobbing my head back and forth along with Doug and Steve. My body followed, and my workouts got easier… and much more fun.

I’ve tried my fair share of music to get myself all jacked for the gym, but there’s something about these songs that really give me that extra boost I need to quick slacking and give it my all. I dare you to try this out during your next workout, mostly because I need to know if I’m a crazy person or not. Then please do me a favor and comment below telling me I’m not.

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