The Easiest Way to Get Yourself to Eat Vegetables

I’ve never been much of a veggie person. Well, the “healthy” veggies, anyway. I could eat mashed potatoes for days (going back for two or three more heaping helpings growing up was standard), but unfortunately some vegetables outweigh others healthwise. Because nutrition can never be that easy.

But I’ve come a long way since my days of crying and hiding behind curtains every time my parents tried to get me to eat beets or spinach thanks to a simple trick. It just took about 25 years. I tried almost everything to make myself put a pile of colorful veggies on my plate with every meal; my fridge would be full, but most of the broccoli and asparagus would go bad before I made time to cook it.

Frozen vegetables are great, but they would often get pushed to the back of the freezer and completely forgotten about until my monthly deep clean. And canned veggies? They’re alright, but they lack nutrients. Unless I whipped up a veggie dish the day I brought them back home from the store, it was basically pointless and a whole lot of money went down the drain.

My solution that’s actually worked? Frozen veggie steamers. I avoided them for so long because options with wholesome additives and low-sodium are hard to find, but then it hit me: isn’t an easy, microwaveable, pre-packaged bag of seasoned vegetables better than avoiding them altogether? Instead of being tired and ordering in something unhealthy (cough, Chinese, cough), popping a veggie mix into the microwave for 5 minutes is delicious, satisfying, and a whole lot better for the body. So what if it has a little more salt than I’d like; It doesn’t even come close to what my sesame chicken is coated in.

Even though there are a handful of steamed veggie bags that totally defeat the purpose of eating vegetables, there are also a handful that will leave you feeling great. And the best part? They have all the nutrients locked in since they’re frozen right after being picked opposed to fresh produce that can lose nutrients pretty quickly.

Now that you know my secret, what’s yours?

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