How to Stay Motivated This Year

New year, new you. Right? Right. The only problem is sticking with all the goals you set for the next 365 days. The first month or two always seem easy, but as the year drags on, I tend to find myself slipping. More than I’d like to admit. But these simple ideas are surefire ways to make sure you keep pushing toward your goals in 2016.

1. Reward yourself for your efforts.

I’m all about treating myself, and sometimes that means treating myself too much. It used to be more of a “I-worked-out-so-now-I-can-have-froyo!” sort of thing, but we all know that doesn’t work out too well. Now it’s rewarding myself with material possessions instead of delicious desserts. So if I have a solid week of working out, I’ll treat myself to a new sports bra. Or maybe a new pair of spandex. It’s something I can hold on to and a great reminder of the progress I’m making.

2. Make a motivation jar.

Yep, it’s cheesy. But I like it. I saw the idea on Instagram recently and fell in love. Basically what you do is put $1 (or more!) in the jar every time you work out. By the end of the year, you’ll have a jar full of money to spend on whatever you want. This honestly might be the only method of saving that works for me.

3. Grab a friend.

Everyone needs a support system, especially when it comes to their health. If you surround yourself with people who help you reach your goals, it will be easier than ever to stick with them. I have some friends who are health nuts who constantly push me to try new things and eat healthy, yummy foods, and I have other friends who are always down to grab a burger and a drink. Make sure you have both in your life to not only keep a good balance, but to keep you sane. Sanity is important, people.

 4. Do what you enjoy. Seriously.

This is so, so, so important. Whether your goal is to lose weight or just get into better shape, it’s going to be hard to stick with your program if you absolutely hate it. If you despise bootcamp, don’t do it. If you hate running, don’t do that, either. Find something you love and you’ll actually want to keep it in your schedule beyond the first couple months.

5. Don’t fall out of the habit.

I know more than anyone that it’s hard to make fitness a priority. Some days I’m completely pooped and just want to stay in bed and sleep. But if I press snooze more than a few days in a row, it’s ridiculously hard to get back in the swing of things. Which sucks. It’s the worst getting into a routine, and way too easy to get out of it. Because of that, make sure you stay in a habit. Some mornings I drag myself to the gym just to drag myself there. I don’t do a whole lot, but I go — that’s what matters. As long as you keep the consistency in your life, you’ll be much better off in the long run.

And if you’re still not motivated, this should help. Thanks, Shia! You’ve come such a long way since Holes.

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