Morning vs Night Workouts — That Is the Question

It’s so hard to get up in the morning. Once I’m up, I’m actually sort of a morning person — it just takes me a while to get to that point. If I could wake up at 6am every day and head to the gym, I would. The only probably is I basically don’t hear any alarms until 8. Yeah, it’s an issue. Especially considering I’m a 25-year-old adult. (I blame having a job.)

Here’s the deal though. Working out in the morning not only gets the workout over with so I can do whatever I want after work without a care in the world. It also makes me feel 100x better during the day, really think twice about what I eat, and gives me loads of energy — not to mention the ability to think clearly. Opposed to working out at night where plans can get in the way or my willpower is at zero, it’s a much better situation. Because after a long day of work, sometimes I just feel like going straight to bed. #oldladyproblems

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to try to get into a habit of getting up in the morning. I want to actually have time to get a sweat on, get ready for work at a nice calm pace, and maybe even eat breakfast in my own apartment. I mean, as much as I love eating yogurt in front of a computer screen in the office, it’s not really my ideal morning situation. We’ll see what happens, but I’m convinced I need a little “me” time before I spend 9-10 hours at a desk.

So, what exactly are the benefits to getting up at the crack of dawn? There are some. I promise.

  • You can enjoy the rest of the day knowing your workout is already over. Hooray!
  • You won’t be as stressed at work, no matter what deadlines you have or who’s getting on your nerves.
  • You’ll eat healthier all day because you already put in the work and won’t want to ruin that.
  • You can actually make spontaneous plans after work without the guilt of missing your workout.
  • You’ll barely need coffee with all the extra energy you’ll have all day.
  • You’ll get into an actual routine without interference because your mornings are for you. No calls, no emails, no social media, no nothing.
  • You’ll get a nice metabolism boost before you even sit down for breakfast.
  • You’ll feel amazing. Is it just me, or do you instantly feel like your clothes fit insanely good after a morning workout?

Are you ready to try this whole morning thing out? Let’s do this.



  1. Amanda November 18, 2015 / 2:58 pm

    Oh perfect, I guess this means you will have to join me for a 6:15am cycling class soon! And do you really not need coffee after a morning workout?! I love the extra burst of energy following a morning workout but come 2pm I need loads of coffee to keep me going!

    • Tehrene Firman November 18, 2015 / 3:52 pm

      YES! I’m happy to report that I have (kind of) become a morning person since this post went up. It’s amazing to have all that extra time… and an emptier gym! I definitely need coffee, but I never have more than a cup. Without that cup, I would pass out at my computer screen. Without a doubt.

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