My Goals for an Epic 2016

I still can’t believe how great 2015 was — especially when it comes to my wellbeing. Ever since graduating college, I’ve been super back and forth with eating healthy, eating incredibly crappy, working out, not working out — you catch the drift. This year I made much more of an effort to make my physical and mental wellbeing a top priority and it felt good.

No, I didn’t work out every day. And I still had way too much cookie dough. But you know what? It was progress. I discovered fitness classes that I loved, made more time to cook in my tiny New York City kitchen, actually started working out in the mornings, tried things I never thought I would try, experimented with delicious new recipes, met some really cool girls with similar interests, created this blog, and simply had fun. I never thought fitness and health could even be this fun.

Because I fully expect 2016 to be even better, I wanted to put together a list of goals for the next 365 days. 2015 was great, but I have a strong feeling this one is going to be the best one yet.

1. Be active every single day.

Since having a desk job isn’t great on the body, I want to make sure I’m active every day — even if that just means taking my dog on a longer walk if I’m going to skip the gym.

2. Lay off Netflix.

2015 was definitely the year of many Netflix binges. After finishing the ENTIRE SEASON of Friday Night Lights (#noregrets) in a little over a week thanks to Thanksgiving vacation, I think it’s time to turn off the TV and spend my nights away from the screen. Right after I get through Making a Murderer.

3. Be better about keeping up with friends.

When you live hours away from some of your best friends and you’re all super busy, days (then weeks!) go by without truly catching up. Since I only get to see them once a year, I want to make sure we stay in touch as much as possible in the days leading up to our amazing reunion. A text takes 5 seconds. Also, as for my BFFs in the New York City area, living in different boroughs is no excuse to only see each other every couple weeks. I mean c’mon.

4. Stop ordering out as much.

When a Chinese food restaurant starts to know your takeout order, you know you need to take a break. As much as I love sesame chicken, I plan on making it less of an occurrence. Instead, I’m going to make more guilt-free versions of my favorites so I can enjoy every bite without a giant stomach ache after. Even though they’re usually totally worth it.

5. Save more money.

Limiting how often I order food will definitely help with this. If you think about it, my breakfast and lunch bought at work costs around $15, then if we order dinner, that’s another $15-25. A day. No wonder I saved so much over Christmas break. If anyone has any easy packed lunch ideas, hit a girl up.

6. Travel somewhere.

Even if that means venturing two hours outside the city to go hiking or to the beach. I really want to go to Colorado to visit one of my best friends, and of course Paris would be nice, too. (I’ll keep dreaming.)

7. Quit worrying so much.

About money, about clothes, about page views, about my body. No time should ever be wasted being anything but happy, and I need to remember that whenever I get stressed about things that simply don’t matter. When I’m on my deathbed, the last things I’m going to care about are Instagram followers and the way my pants fit.

What are your goals for an epic new year?

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