The Perfect Snack to Help Fight Sugar Cravings

I have a serious love of sugar. Being born and raised in the Midwest, I’m pretty sure my blood is actually 80% actual blood and 20% dissolved Fun Dip. I mean, I can’t even count the number of Fruit By the Foot and Berry Blue Kool-Aid Bursts I had growing up, but I regret nothing. If you’ve ever had any of the aforementioned snacks (and I really hope you have), you’ll know why. Now as an adult who unfortunately knows something that tastes so good can be so bad, I’ve had to limit the sweet treats in my life — but that doesn’t mean I limit them completely.

Since I can’t eat Oreos and Twizzlers every single day (the agony!), there’s something that always helps when I need a sweet snack: dark chocolate cacao nibs. I recently came across a cute little travel-sized tin full of them at Trader Joe’s when I was back home for the holidays and have been in love ever since. I mean, how can you not when they’re this adorable?

At only a calorie each (yep, sadly that’s evidently what a calorie of chocolate looks like), nibbling on some as an afternoon snack or putting some in my popcorn at night is a guilt-free way to enjoy one of my favorite things. Instead of giving in and grabbing a bag of M&Ms, this alternative doesn’t leave me feeling blah after I’m done eating — because no one wants to go to bed with a stomach ache.

It doesn’t end with snacks, though. You can also throw cacao nibs into your oatmeal in the morning and put some on top of your smoothie or banana “nice” cream. The options are literally endless. Now I’m just wondering if Trader Joe’s sells these things in bulk, because I need a lifetime supply.

Do you have something that never fails to satisfy your sweet tooth? Let me know in the comments!


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